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Bed and Breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

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To make the process of hosting in Rio de Janeiro even easier, we have divided our choices of Bed and Breakfast by neighborhoods. So, you choose the neighborhood that will best meet their needs in a practical way. You can get to the beach, the Maracana or even the hottest areas. Trust our options below.
What is the Bed and Breakfast The practicality of Bed and Breakfast It is a Brazilian adaptation of Irish Bed and Breakfast where visitors stay in the house of a local resident, who daily offers you a delicious breakfast included in the rate. It's the perfect way to fully know a region and its customs. And the model fits exactly the profile of the Brazilian naturally captivating and hospitable.
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Travel with Bed and Breakfast If you are used to staying in a traditional manner, hotels and hostels, you need to know the Cama e Café's service Bed and Breakfast is a charming, cozy and secure way to host and to fully experience the local culture and customs. Register now, meet our anfittriões and schedule your trip!
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Accomodate! Be a host Is with a spare room in your house? Need an extra few bucks at the end of the month? Then you need to become a Host Cama e Café! It is very easy and you just have to win. Besides exchanging experiences with travelers from all over Brazil and the world, you still get that. Register now and learn more about the service.
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