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Cama e Café - a rede brasileira de Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

What is Bed & Breakfast?

o que é Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is a Brazilian adaptation of the bed and breakfast system, of Irish origin, where the visitor stays in a local home and is offered a delicious breakfast every day, included in the nightly rate.

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What else does a traveler need in order to have a good stay besides a comfortable bed and a fancy breakfast? Prime location is also important; being well received is fundamental. Bringing these elements together in a place where natural beauty, entertainment and culture are part of the scenery, the trip has everything to be unforgettable.

Bed and Breakfast, the first website of this kind in Brazil, offers the best of the well-known Brazilian hospitality in the most appreciated city by tourists from all around the world: Rio de Janeiro.

Nominated by the respected travel guide Lonely Planet as one of the five best places to stay in Rio, Bed and Breakfast offers a unique and highly personalized experience, promoting cultural exchange and real contact with the Brazilian day-by-day routine. In three years of operation, Bed and Breakfast has received more than 4,000 guests, with 100% occupancy during Carnival and 2007 New Year's Eve.

More than 40 homes receive visitors with comfort and distinction in the charming carioca neighborhood of Santa Teresa (RJ). Stay style common in Europe, the system was adapted by Bed and Breakfast, which added the Brazilian touch concerning what people know and love to do: building relations and welcoming people. In addition to offering a delicious breakfast, the hosts – owners of the houses – provide guests with tips about the best programs in Rio.

And so that the cultural immersion is even more complete, Bed and Breakfast team have selected bars, restaurants, tours, shops and cultural attractions in Rio de Janeiro where Bed and Breakfast guests obtain special discounts and courtesies.

Enjoy staying the Bed and Breakfast way and understand what is fully experiencing a journey.

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Social Responsibility

The preservation of the original features of a place is the main key for the achievement of sustainable activities. Bed and Breakfast is aware that the sustainable development of a region becomes real only through compliance with legislation, promotion of socioeconomic equality, respect for the historical and architectural heritage, appreciation of local culture and nature conservation.

Guided by the principle of fair and responsible tourism, Bed and Breakfast does not contemplate only the visitor, but also the community of Santa Teresa (RJ), a typically residential area. In this sense, it has demonstrated strong commitment in promoting solidarity ties and in empowering professionals involved in tourism services.

The residents who make up Bed and Breakfast and welcome tourists into their homes find in bed and breakfast accommodation a source of supplementary income. Called hosts, they undergo constant training, along with taxi drivers, tram drivers, waiters and managers of bars and restaurants from the neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro where Bed and Breakfast operates. The company encourages also the restoration and maintenance of homes and offers tours aiming at visitation and enhancement of the architectural heritage of the neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

The result is that people can see in tourism new economic opportunities and become more aware and proud of their own space while visitors feel welcomed and protected, awakening to an interest that goes beyond pleasure: an awareness of social responsibility.

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