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Cama e Café - a rede brasileira de Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

About Us?

Are you used to traditional stayings such as inns, hotels and hostels?

Cama e Café - a rede brasileira de Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

So you need to know Bed and Breakfast and get delighted with this charming way to stay.

What is Cama e Café?

Bed and Breakfast is a Brazilian adaptation of the bed and breakfast system, of Irish origin, where the visitor stays in a local home and is offered a delicious breakfast every day, included in the nightly rate. The model perfectly fits the Brazilian personality, naturally captivating and hospitable.

A reservation center structures and negotiates the network of residences for rent. This center establishes the connection between guests and hosts, provides information about homes and rates and manages payments.

The home choice may be made according to its location, amenities and the advantages it offers, or even according to the profile of the host. Guests can, if they like, fill out a more detailed registration, with questions concerning their habits - for example, being a smoker, having or enjoying pets, hobbies, profession etc - so that, with this data in hands, the central is able to suggest, according to guests’ interests, tastes and expectations, the house and hosts that seem most interesting for them.

The great distinction Bed and Breakfast provides is the possibility of daily contact with local people, their habits and their culture.


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